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Original Silicone Gel Sports insoles On Sale

Shoe Size

Original Silicone Gel Sports insoles will help you trim some off the toe end of the insole to get them to fit when it's unfit. They are very easy to cut and have various guide lines for you to follow. There are 3 built-in tracing lines for different sizes. The versatile insoles fit EU size: 41, 42, 43. Simply cut along the trimming line according to your foot size to make an optimal fit.


• Ultra light design,
• Soft memory foam,
• Gel cushion on forefoot and back heel
• Full arch support
• Active carbon fiber removes odors
• Stoma design allows better air circulation
• Unisex

Easily Cut Your Own Size:
• Size L 290mm (for US men's size 8.5-10 or US women's size 10.5-12)EU SIZE L 42 to 44
• Size M 263mm (for US men's size 5.5-7 or US women's size 7.5-9.5)EU SIZE 38 to 41
• Size S 235mm (for US men's size 2.5-4.5 or US women's size 5-6.5) EU SIZE 34 to 38